2018 Artists

Alice Young-Basora

Studio: Nina Carina Hand crafted and uniquely designed jewelry inspired by nature created with hammered metals, beautiful beads, stones, and crystals. YSOS Category: Jewelry  

Amy Achor

Studio: Wild Woman Photos Photographic art "with a twist." I am most well-known for my symmertrical photo collages; my humorous and inspirational photo based note cards and prints; and most recently for my ceramic art,…

Andrea Starkey

My work consists primarily of woodblock prints created using traditional Japanese printmaking techniques and focus on trees, forests and landscapes. Other works on the same subjects are created using various other printmaking techniques including monotpes…

Brian Maughan

Figurative and mythical sculpture in ceramic, cement and bronze. YSOS Category: Sculpture    

Brian Millar

Paintings and drawings in non-preconcieved, non-representational imagery. Acrylic on canvas, board and paper. YSOS Category: Painting/Drawing

Bruce Parker

Studio: Azur Creations If variety is the spice of life, my art is spicy.  Furniture from reclaimed materials. I strive to show that things can be reclaimed, re-purposed and given new life and purpose. YSOS Category:…

Carlos Landaburu

Photography of nature and interesting objects. YSOS Category: Photography  

Matthew Collins

Studio: Matthew Collins Photography Matthew Collins is a photographer specializing in commercial and editorial portraiture. He relocated to Yellow Springs after living and working as a photographer for 10 years in Kansas City, Missouri. When…

Carol Culbertson

As a weaver of practical cloth, a potter of useful objects and a free spirited painter of wildlife, I create beautiful handmade pieces to be admired, appreciated and cherished in the home. YSOS Category: Fiber…

Michael Jones

Studio: Michael Jones Japanese-inspired functional and decorative stoneware. All made by hand by the artist Michael Jones. YSOS Category: Ceramics  

Michael West

Wooden utilitarian bowls, from tree to table. I start with the log from storm damaged trees or trees that need to be removed, saw the log into wood blanks, rough turn them, coat them in…

Deborah Dixon

Etching, silk screen prints and wearable art. YSOS Category: Graphics/Screen Print  

Naysan McIlhargey

Studio: Miami Valley Pottery Handmade, wood-fired, functional pottery. YSOS Category: Ceramics  

Dennie Eagleson

Studio: D Eagleson Still Photography I work with expired and obsolete photography materials with my source being plants and objects from nature. YSOS Category: Photography  

Dianne Collinson

Studio: Dianne Collinson Ceramics I am drawn to hand building as my primary method of making. From flat slabs of soft clay I love creating pieces with the natural curves, gestural forms and richly textured…

Doug Fiely

Acrylic paintings on canvas. Heavily textured and manipulated paint depicting observed images in a stylized representation. YSOS Categories: Painting/drawing  

Jeannamarie Cox

Illustration, design and crafting of fine wearables. YSOS Category: Fiber  

Kit Crawford

Original designed hand crafted stained glass and glass mosaic art. YSOS Category: Glass  

Libby Rudolf

Watercolors and mixed media artwork reflecting my love of nature, landscapes, portraits. YSOS Category: Painting/Drawing  

Lynn Riewerts Carine

Hand thrown functional pottery with a barnyard theme. Whimsical pieces to brighten any home. YSOS Category: Ceramics    

Christopher Glaser

Nature themed visionary style oil paintings. YSOS Category: Painting/Drawing      

Pam Geisel

Studio: For Quilt Sake Art quilts and quilt-related art. YSOS Category: Fiber    

Sara M. Gray

Studio: Reflecting Whispers Glass Works One of a kind fused glass clocks, bowls and plates.  Design elements include enamel, silk screen, glass layering, pattern bars, powders and stencils. Colorful glass creations using recycled slumped bottles…

Anthony Wall

Studio: Basho Apparel I design and screen print my work along with vinyl. YSOS Category: Graphics/Screen Print    

Steve Smith

Studio: 4 Corners Gallery & Pottery Functional pottery, ash glazed, some wood fired. YSOS Category: Ceramics  

Beth Holyoke

I have made lots of different kinds of ceramic pieces this year - fun mugs, small plates in sets, and elegant bottles and some serious platters for the wall. My interest in the refugee crisis…

Susan Finster

Susan makes functional pottery with a touch of whimsy, in addition to figurines that are completely whimsical. YSOS Categories: Ceramics  

Talitha Greene

Studio: Talitha Greene Studios I make one of a kind sterling and 14k gold jewelry. YSOS Category: Jewelry    

Theresa Mayer

I make glass beads, each bead is individually made in a process known as Lampworking. Rods of glass are heated over a flame until the glass reaches a molten stage. The glass is then wrapped…

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