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Dianne Collinson


Studio: Dianne Collinson Ceramics

I am drawn to hand building as my primary method of making. From flat slabs of soft clay I love creating pieces with the natural curves, gestural forms and richly textured surfaces found in nature; the shape of a leaf recorded like a fossil in clay, the texture of the forest floor, ancient and rich, the ivory patina of old bones, reflected in the crafted object. Because all of my pieces are hand built rather than wheel thrown, the naturally occurring irregularities that happen with clay during firing add to the the organic, wabi-sabi feel of my functional ceramics. My Porcelain Botanicals have become my signature work. While working with the clay to create a form, I impress leaves and flowers into the piece and use this natural material as a resist for a dark slip or glaze. The surface is then washed with color to create intaglio-like impressions in the highly contrasted work.

YSOS Category: Ceramics


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