October 19 & 20, 2019 – 11AM to 5PM

Yellow Springs Open Studios

Artist Listing

Matthew Collins

Matthew Collins is a photographer specializing in commercial and editorial portraiture. He relocated to Yellow Springs after living and working as a photographer for 10 years in Kansas City, Missouri. When Matthew is not behind the camera or at the computer editing, you can usually find him enjoying the simple pleasures in life with his wife and 2 kids, checking the box scores, or working on his house. His past clients include: Sprint, Disney, The Kansas City Star, United Soccer Coaches, Houlihan’s, Kashi and PETA.

Studio: Matthew Collins Photography

Address: 144 Cliff St. Yellow Springs, OH 45387




Payment Accepted: Check and Cash

Susan Finster

Susan makes functional pottery with a touch of whimsy, in addition to figurines that are completely whimsical

Address:  124 Allen St. Yellow Springs OH 45387

Email:  sfinsterys@gmail.com

Payment Accepted: Check, Cash and Credit Card

Doug Fiely

Acrylic paintings on canvas. Heavily textured and manipulated paint depicting observed images in a stylized representation.

Guest Artist At:  4535 Meredith Rd. Yellow Springs OH 45387


Payment Accepted: Check, Cash and Credit Card

Accessible Studio

Jeannamarie Cox

Illustration, design and crafting of fine wearables.

Address: 4535 Meredith Rd.  Yellow Springs OH 45387


Payment Accepted: Check, Cash and Credit Card

Accessible Studio

Lynn Riewerts Carine

Hand thrown functional pottery with a barnyard theme. Whimsical pieces to brighten any home.

Guest Artist At:  124 Allen St.  Yellow Springs OH 45387

Phone: 937-219-7264


Payment Accepted: Check, Cash and Credit Card


Brian Millar

Paintings and drawings in non-preconcieved, non-representational imagery. Acrylic on canvas, board and paper.

Address: 314 Xenia Ave. Yellow Springs OH 45387 (First Presbyterian Church Basement)


Payment Accepted: Check, and Cash

Theresa Mayer

I make glass beads, each bead is individually made in a process known as Lampworking. Rods of glass are heated over a flame until the glass reaches a molten stage. The glass is then wrapped around a stainless steel mandrel and layered to create the desired design. The bead is removed from the flame, placed in a klin and annealed, then slowly cooled to prevent cracking. When the bead is completely cooled it is removed from the mandrel and cleaned.

Address: 3940 State Rt. 370 Yellow Springs, OH 45387


Payment Accepted: Check, Cash and Credit Card

Accessible Studio

Amy Achor

Photographic art “with a twist.” I am most well-known for my symmertrical photo collages; my humorous and inspirational photo based note cards and prints; and most recently for my ceramic art, which I sometimes combine with my photography.

Studio: Wild Woman Photos

Guest Artist At: 3940 State Rt. 370 Yellow Springs OH 45387

Phone: 937-768-2979



Payment Accepted: Check, Cash and Credit Card

Accessible Studio