Amy Achor

Studio: Wild Woman Photos Photographic art "with a twist." I am most well-known for my symmertrical photo collages; my humorous and inspirational photo based note cards and prints; and most recently for my ceramic art,…

Carlos Landaburu

Photography of nature and interesting objects. YSOS Category: Photography  

Dennie Eagleson

Studio: D Eagleson Still Photography I work with expired and obsolete photography materials with my source being plants and objects from nature. YSOS Category: Photography  

Matthew Collins

Studio: Matthew Collins Photography Matthew Collins is a photographer specializing in commercial and editorial portraiture. He relocated to Yellow Springs after living and working as a photographer for 10 years in Kansas City, Missouri. When…

Dennie Eagleson

4535 Meredith Road, Yellow Springs, OH 45387
Studio: D Eagleson Still Photography I work with plant material using experimental methods involving outdated photographic materials. The processes is called Lumen printing. The botanical source creates a drawing of itself through the interaction of…

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