October 19 & 20, 2019 – 11AM to 5PM

Yellow Springs Open Studios

Artist Listing

Alice Young-Basora

Hand crafted and uniquely designed jewelry inspired by nature created with hammered metals, beautiful beads, stones, and crystals.

Studio: Nina Carina

Guest Artist At:  145 E. Hyde Rd. Yellow Springs, OH 45387

Email: alice.ninacarina@gmail.com

Website: ninacarina.etsy.com

Payment Accepted: Check, Cash and Credit Card

Accessible Studio

Amy Achor

Photographic art “with a twist.” I am most well-known for my symmertrical photo collages; my humorous and inspirational photo based note cards and prints; and most recently for my ceramic art, which I sometimes combine with my photography.

Studio: Wild Woman Photos

Guest Artist At: 3940 State Rt. 370 Yellow Springs OH 45387

Phone: 937-768-2979



Payment Accepted: Check, Cash and Credit Card

Accessible Studio

Andrea Starkey

My work consists primarily of woodblock prints created using traditional Japanese printmaking techniques and focus on trees, forests and landscapes. Other works on the same subjects are created using various other printmaking techniques including monotpes and callagraphs.

Guest Artist At: 150 Cemetery Street, Yellow Springs, OH 45387

Email: andrea@starkeyart.com

Website: starkeyart.com

Payment Accepted: Check, Cash and Credit Card

Accessible Studio

Beth Holyoke

I have made lots of different kinds of ceramic pieces this year – fun mugs, small plates in sets, and elegant bottles and some serious platters for the wall. My interest in the refugee crisis in Europe will often find its way into my work in small and not so small ways. I also create small figures, both animal and human creatures that inhabit their own worlds. My media is low fire earthen ware clay, red in color. I love to work with color and texture in all these clay pieces.

Address: 107 Cliff Street, Yellow Springs, OH 45387


Payment Accepted: Check and Cash

Brian Millar

Paintings and drawings in non-preconcieved, non-representational imagery. Acrylic on canvas, board and paper.

Address: 314 Xenia Ave. Yellow Springs OH 45387 (First Presbyterian Church Basement)


Payment Accepted: Check, and Cash

Bruce Parker

If variety is the spice of life, my art is spicy.  Furniture from reclaimed materials. I strive to show that things can be reclaimed, re-purposed and given new life and purpose.

Studio: Azur Creations

Address: 477 E. Yellow Springs Fairfield Road, Yellow Springs, OH 45387

Phone: 937-767-9455


Facebook: facebook.com/azurcreationsbp/

Payment Accepted: Check and Cash

Accessible Studio

Carol Culbertson

As a weaver of practical cloth, a potter of useful objects and a free spirited painter of wildlife, I create beautiful handmade pieces to be admired, appreciated and cherished in the home.

Guest Artist At: 124 Allen St. Yellow Springs, OH 45387


Payment Accepted: Check, Cash and Credit Card